Big Sean- Finally Originals Mixtape

POW is right sucka! Brand new beats hit the streets today. Big Sean released his new mixtape full of the best hits. Finally Originals is the next installment in Big Sean’s resume and only amplifies him as an international superstar. Listen and download

Wiz Khalifa – Dessert

Wiz… I don’t know what to say except you’ve changed, man. People may like him better now, but the wiz I know used to absolutely tear up lyrics back in 2008-2009. The latest song he has a verse on that represents his old lyrical flow, has to be Proceed. Search it in the search bar. I digress. He flowed over Wale’s beat “Bait.” Download this song if you like any of the songs on Rolling Papers.

Download “Dessert” for free, here.

No SoundCloud, yet. If you want to listen, click the download link above and there will be a media player. Just click play.

Childish Gambino – The Girl

Here’s a mad old Childish Gambino not included on any previous mixtapes or albums for you guys. Pretty dope for when he just started rapping. Enjoi.

Download and listen “The Girl” for free, here.

Wale – What More Can I Say (Freestyle)

I’m in class, so I’m not going to write much. But here is Wale absolutely murdering another freestyle. No question. This beat is Track 3 off of Jigga’s The Black Album. Wale’s new album, Ambition, drops November 1st. Stay tuned.

Download and listen to “What More Can I Say” for free, here.

Kid Cudi – Bigger Than You

One of Cudder’s old tracks. This beat was supposed to debut on his first album, Man on the Moon. For one reason or another, they decided to opt out on Bigger Than You entering the track list. Well, it’s back. In CDQ.

Download and listen”Bigger Than You” for free, here.

Lupe Fiasco – LightWork (feat. Ellie Goulding & Bassnectar)

Lupe. Straight killin’ this new flow. Or maybe he’s trying a rave beat once. I don’t know. All I know, is I like it. A lot. MUST DOWNLOAD.

Download “LightWork” for free, here.

Video: Asher Roth & Chuck English- “In The Kitchen”

Not gonna lie, except for hearing freshmen blasting “I Love College” out their dorm windows I’ve forgotten about Asher for a minute. Well he’s back on my radar for sure. Now that my marketing midterms gone and my design projects are (almost) done, finally got time to pass it to the Gang.


Mac Miller – Rare Mixtape

What the fuck is going on? Like, I don’t understand? Mac releases a song/mixtape every day. Like, what is happening? Is he human? So many questions are going to be unanswered, except for one. Does Mac cater to his fans better than every other artist in the history of the universe? Yes. Yes he does. His fan-site compiled all the rare songs he’s been secretly releasing before the album, and put them all in one spot. Here ya go, enjoi.

Download “Rare” for free, here.

SBTRKT ft. Drake – Wildfire (Remix) (CDQ Version)

SBTRKT is a musician/producer from London. He’s pretty legit. Mixes a shit ton of songs, and has been classified as two-step, dubstep, RnB, and Chicago House. Give it a listen, Drake makes the first half awesome.

Download “Wildfire (Remix)” for free, here.

Mac Miller – Stop Bitchin’ (Unreleased Track)

Yet another unreleased track from Mac. Props to DJ Smiles for releasing it to the public, finally. I’m assuming this track was meant to debut on the Jukebox mixtape, just by the sound of his voice. That means he rapped this track back in 2008. When he was 16. 16 years old, and he raps like that? Ridiculous.

Download “Stop Bitchin'” for free, here.