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Juvenile ft. Rick Ross- Power

Juvenile? Juvenile? Where have you been? It been a long time since Juvenile has graced the rap world with his style and swag. Formerly a part of the the Hot Boys with Weezy and Birdman and member of Cash Money, Juve left Cash money after he dropped “Slow Motion”, which was awesome by the way (so throwback). Anyways Juvenile’s got his hand back in the game with this new gangster beat ft. The Boss, Rick Ross. Listen and download.

DOSVEC- Feeling Good

Let me throw a sick song in your face real quick. BAM! How did that feel? Like a sub woofer just hit you in the teeth with a right hook? Do your legs ache from dancing too much? Thats what I thought. Listen and download this brand new mash.

D. Veloped- Turning Tricks for Treats

Now now now this song is not the most brand new but it has one of the sweetest beats i’ve heard in a mash up in quite some time. DJ D. Veloped brought together that Michael Myers Halloween theme song swag and a bunch of other songs to bang at your Halloween rager. From all of us here at DoppleGangMusic we want to wish you all a Happy Halloween, now go rage you face off!  Download from soundcloud site

Childish Gambino- Twistclip Loop (freestyle)

Gambino Swag

Who’s ready for some brand new Gambino swag? Heavy Bass + the sickest linguisitcs = Childish Gambino. Twistclip Loop is calling out all hater bloggers. What are you gonna do when you got haters? Nothing… Haters gonna hate. Listen and download

Big Sean- Finally Originals Mixtape

POW is right sucka! Brand new beats hit the streets today. Big Sean released his new mixtape full of the best hits. Finally Originals is the next installment in Big Sean’s resume and only amplifies him as an international superstar. Listen and download

Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna- We Found Love Remix

Brand new We Found Love remix! I’ve been bumpin’ it loud and hard all day long. Get on my level! Definite download for your party scene. Sorry no soundcloud or youtube.


De-Lor- That We Loved (Sex Ray Vision Remix)



Sex Ray Vision’s new party banger is a remix of De-lor’s hit song “That We Loved.” It’s a definite new favorite of mine and one that will get plenty of listens. With plenty of techno beats and sounds its impossible to be disappointed. Listen and Download

Kap Slap- Chris Brown’s Temper

Kap Slap did it again with his remix of Chris Brown’s “Yeah 3x” and Rihanna’s “Who’s that chick?” With an absolutely hilarious title I had to listen. Aside from Chris Brown beating Rihanna, the song is dope. Listen and download.


I feel that it is my duty to inform all followers of the Gang of what I just discovered. If you have not heard of the craziest fantasy themed rager in the world allow me to enlighten you. Every year in the town of Boom, Belgium (yes, there is a town called Boom) for several straight days, day to night, the worlds most famous and talented DJs and acts from around the world converge on one location and perform in front of hundreds of thousands of crazy fans. Picture multiple stages all over the town, lasers everywhere, fog shooting from stages, fire balls erupting into the sky, strobes going hammer, and every colored light under the sun. The video below is from last year’s festival and is absolutely absurd. I’ll see you next year at Tomorrowland!

Mo Money Mo Fallin’


The White Panda does it again! Their most recent mashup hit the web yesterday and is called Mo Money Mo Fallin’ (<—Download here). A super mash mixing up Tom Petty’s hit song “Free Fallin”, and The late and great Notorious B.I.G. ft. Puff Daddy and Mase anthem, “Mo Money Mo Problems” Bang this!