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Nipsey Hussle: The Marathon Continues

Finally we have some new Nipsey Hussle. The Marathon was so unbelievably amazing, I can only hope TMC matches it. Unfortunately I gotta wait till my computer gets back from CampusHP till I can download, so remember to take an extra listen for Perkaset.


Video: Asher Roth & Chuck English- “In The Kitchen”

Not gonna lie, except for hearing freshmen blasting “I Love College” out their dorm windows I’ve forgotten about Asher for a minute. Well he’s back on my radar for sure. Now that my marketing midterms gone and my design projects are (almost) done, finally got time to pass it to the Gang.


T.I. (yes THAT T.I.) Niggas in Paris Remix

Dude. Its been a whiiiiile since we’ve heard any Tip thanks to his most recent incarceration, but he’s still got it. Spits straight fire over the catchy Watch the Throne track. According to his Twitter, remixes for “Headlines,” “I’m a Boss,” and “She Will” are coming soon. #theKingisBack



Mac Miller- An entire fucking mixtape for hitting a million twitter followers

Seriously does Mac Miller like make 5 songs a day??? Holy shit this dude comes out with new stuff every time I turn around. I’m putting a fucking ban on Mac Miller for Dopplegang, this is getting ridiculous

Download it fo free

thumbs up you hard workin bastard

Machine Gun Kelly: Rage Pack (mixtape)

Been waitin on this tape for soooo long!! MGK absolutely killed it on his last project,  Lace Up!, and I’ve been a believer ever since. If you download one mixtape today, without a doubt make it Rage Pack.


Mac Miller: Blue Slide Park (the song!)

25k pre-orders for Blue Slide Park means Mac dropped the title track off his first full-length album tonight, LEGOOOO

This was released 9 minutes ago??? Are you Kidding??? Dopplegang is so fucking hot right now its not even funny!!

Nas- “Nasty” Video

Nas is back with a hot video for “Nasty,” the single off his new album Life is Good. For those of you who are countin, thats a whopping TEN studio albums from one of the greatest to ever grab a mic.

Obviously no download cuz its off his album. We got in trouble for Art’s Kid Cudi artist profile cuz we had some download links for MOTM2 songs…we’ll be much more careful from now on. Again just so everyone knows;

Mixtape/Free Release= we’ll post a free download for eeeeveryone

Studio Album/Singles/Anything Artists Use to Make a Living= go buy it and support em

And remember, keep it G like this guy-

swag for life.

Stalley: “Larry Bird” Video

Off of Ski Beatz’s 24 Hour Karate School Part 2 (yes thats the real album name), Stalley goes in on this anthem beat with dope bass, check it out. This is an album, so sorry kids download on iTunes.

Double dose of that swag beard today, lucky you. Feels good to be back.

Stalley- “Born to Win”

Nike’s “Alway’s On” campaign just realeased a new video featuring Lamar Odom and new music from Stalley. Although I couldn’t care less about Odom’s journey, this is a dope ad. According to my Marketing Principles class, Nike using a dope track, clean threads, and a hoops star make for a perfect message to their target market. Art knows what I’m talkin about


swag beard logo wassuuup


Better Late Than Never: “Headlines” Video

Shit is the HOTNESS. OVOXO.

P.S. I need this crewneck and I needed it yesterday-