Throwback Thursday: Boogie Down Productions

Criminal Minded

OK, first off.  Try and come up with a better name for your hip hop group than this.  Boogie Down Productions.  Yeah that’s what I thought.  It’s not possible is it?

So here is another 1980’s New York City rap group.  They are from the South Bronx.  That’s all the information you need to know in order to figure out that this group contributed to the development of modern day rap.

So for this post, I’m focusing mainly on their first album, Criminal Minded (1987).  This first album consisted of the original group- KRS-One, D-Nice, and DJ Scott La Rock.  Right after the release of this album, DJ Scott La Rock was murdered, and the members of the group constantly changed after that.  Criminal Minded was their most successful album of the five.  This shit is classic 1980’s hip hop.  It’s awesome.


“9mm Goes Bang”

“South Bronx”

“P is Free” tells the story of an encounter with a crack whore

“The Bridge is Over”

Download the entire Criminal Minded album for free here.
If you want Boogie Down Productions other albums, the links are below.

By All Means Necessary (1988)
Ghetto Music: The Blueprint of Hip Hop (1989)
Edutainment (1990)
Sex and Violence (1992)

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