*Artist Profile* – Mac Miller

Mac Miller, Ladies and Gentleman. A lot of you may think he’s a poser, just some lame white kid, etc. That’s fine. It’s your opinion. Mac has worked so hard to get where he is right now, and I respect that. That’s me being completely unbiased. I love Mac, and I’m about to give you guys the best Mac songs out right now… Welcome to the Artist Profile of Mac Miller, by Art Vandelay.

Let’s start off with a classic, Nikes on My Feet.

This next song is called “Get it Again,” which is an unreleased song that was supposed to drop on his mixtape, The High Life.

You can download “Get it Again” for free, here.

“Traffic in the Sky” is a classic, with a definite old-school flow to it.

“Koolaid and Frozen Pizza” from his mixtape: K.I.D.S, is fucking awesome. This song reminds of my childhood, which is always awesome.

“Good Evening” is one of his best “up-beat” songs. Perkaset and I do park laps at Mount Snow to this song all the time.

I just did a post to this next song, “Willie Dynamite.” So if you’re looking for a free download, click here.

“Poppy” is one of Mac’s deepest songs, for sure. It’s about his late grandfather, and how he impacted his life while he was alive.

“On Some Real Shit” is from The Jukebox mixtape, which came out back in 2008. This song is for all you people wondering what Mac sounded like almost 4 years ago. Different voice, same flow.

In my opinion, “Get Up” was one of the only good songs from Best Day Ever.

“The Finer Things” is off Mac’s mixtape, The High Life.

“Get Em Up” is a classic from the mixtape, K.I.D.S.



The High Life

Best Day Ever


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  1. How do you feel about Mac Miller coming to Endicott at 4pm on a Sunday? I’m pretty displeased with Endicott’s choice of timing, I’m thinking it was a matter of price, but come on, SUNDAY? I would rather it be a Saturday. I think it’s definitely going to hinder the number of people that attend and the quality of the show itself.

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