Celebrate Throwback Thursday with the Ultramagnetic MC’s

Today we are going back to 1988 with The Ultramagnetic MC’s and their first album Critical Beatdown.  I just love the way words flow in these old songs.  You just don’t get that anymore.  Today you just get a totally different kind of flow and swag from the artists.  But this is a sound you just can’t forget.  The beat to all these songs is just awesome.  They were rapping on the streets in the Bronx in the 1980s, so needless to say, they do a good job.  It seems like all of the good rappers from this time period were all from NY.  Anyways, here is the link for the free album download.  And I really suggest listening to this whole album.  It is worth it.
Download Critical Beatdown here .

“Ease Back” by the Ultramagnetic MC’s

“When I Burn” by the Ultramagnetic Mc’s

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Bringin the Old School Swag

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