The Dean’s List – Kryptonite Sanity Room, Fabolous – Sicker Than Yo Average

The Dean’s List just keeps going at it, don’t they? They have such a unique style that I can’t stay away. Just straight up murder every track. Amazing. This particular track is called “Kryptonite Sanity Room.” MUST DOWNLOAD.

If you guys don’t know much about The Dean’s List, then I’ll give you a quick bio. The Dean’s List is a trio rap group out of Boston, Massachusetts. Sonny Shotz is more of the rapper out of the three, he brings style and charisma to the table. DJ Mendoza is the hip/hop-ish producer, that also handles the business side of things. Last but not least, Mik Beats handles the “poppy” style of music, as well as being the mixing engineer. Mik Beats is the reason why every one of those songs has an unbelievably well-rounded, and well produced sound to it. Enjoi.

Download free here

Fabolous is always killin’ it. Here’s a new song featuring Trey Songz and Red Cafe, for ya. SICKER THAN YO AVERAGE, BITCH. Must listen to, though.

Download free here

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