DG Crew Update

what a bitch

It’s that time of year again-the time when college students like you and me trade the beach and the sun for dorm rooms and 8am’s. I’ll be movin into Stonehill for the second time tomorrow since I was evacuated when Irene came to town…apparently theres no power in the res halls so that’ll be fun. Don’t worry though, I’ll have some kinda hamster-wheel power generator goin on to bring you guys new posts. Its been hectic gettin ready for school, props to Art Vandely for holdin down the fort while the rest of the Gang’s been movin in. Now that Goose is down in NC, Hagn is set up in NY, and Art is slackin off for a few more weeks, expect regular, doper posts from now on. Don’t forget to check back in between classes for the best new music out there…DoppleGang’s takin off, stay tuned.

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