Artist Profile: Wiz Khalifa

Hey guys. It’s Vandelay, again. I’m proud to be the one chosen to announce a new section here at DoppleGang: Artist Profiles. Artist Profiles will be focusing on today’s big artists, but looking at them from a different view; a view of the music they made to get where they are today.

Today, I’ll be looking into Wiz Khalifa’s music from back in 2008-present, excluding Rolling Papers. Because everyone knows Rolling Papers. It sucked compared to his old stuff. Basically everything before the “Black and Yellow phase” came along, is fucking awesome. There have also been songs featuring Curren$y and Big Sean that are dope. Let’s get started, shall we?

The Kid Frankie – This particular song is from the mixtape: “Kush & OJ” It’s got a beat that will catch your attention right away. This is definitely a song you need to add to your iTunes.

This Plane – From the mixtape “Deal Or No Deal.” This has to be one of his most popular songs within the true Wiz fan community, right? Like, everyone knows this song. If you don’t, get with it. Songs ill. Give it a listen, and tell me otherwise. I dare you.

In The Cut – From the mixtape “Kush & OJ.” Great fucking song. I go to Endicott College, so naturally the first time I heard the song, I thought he was saying “Endicott, Endicott, Rollin’ Dubies up.” I know it’s embarassing. Give me a break.

Mezmorized – From the mixtape “Kush & OJ.” Awesome bumpin’ beat. Also, awesome lyrical song. Straight kills that track. Be careful though, you might get addicted.

Proceed – One of the newest songs Wiz has released. Not on a mixtape, yet. Just a single released featuring Big Sean and Spitta. Fucking awesome beat, lyrics and overall song.

Won’t Land – From the mixtape “Burn After Rolling.” Bravo, Wiz. Awesome choice for an old school beat. To say you killed it would be an understatement. Enjoi.

Burn After Rolling – Obviously from the mixtape “Burn After Rolling.” This is another track that he goes in on. Straight murders the track. Should be on your “Top 25 Most Played” on iTunes, soon.

Huey Newton – Definitely a change up from all the other songs on here, with the exception of Kid Frankie. Such a good song…

Even though it may seem like that is a lot of tracks, that’s probably half of his good songs. No lie. Keep doin’ your thing Wiz…

Here’s a few links to his best mixtapes:


Burn After Rolling

How Fly (ft. Curren$y)

Prince Of The City 2

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