Fralbum Sparknotes – Moufy’s “Boston Lights”

Moufy’s fralbum just released the other day. Not going to lie, for his sophomore fralbum/mixtape, I like it. I like it a lot. There may have been some bad songs, but the good balance it out. Give it a listen for sure, the download link is at the bottom.

Throw My 3’s – Not the best introduction song, his flow just didn’t do it for me.

Inhale – Definitely stepped up his game right here, even though that may seem like an oxymoron because this beat slows the tape down for a second.

I’ma Ball – Moufy absolutely goes in on this one. If you listen to the lyrics, you will understand exactly what I’m talking about. Definitely a track to listen to before your next lacrosse game.

Pick It Up -Not a fan. Too slow, and he put a weird spin on his voice on this one. Almost sounds like a Soulja Boy type of beat. PRETTY….BOY….SWAG. Lame.

Twist it and Light it – This was on his previous mixtape, and was definitely a great repeat for all you chill-beat fans. This will always be a classic on my iTunes.

Profile Pic – Has a nice turn of things around the 1:00 mark. I really like Cassie’s role in this song. But it just go backs to a lame feel right after; I just don’t like the whole “Profile Pic” theme.

Boston Lights – Straight up goes in. No question. Love this song. Awesome feel. Awesome pump-up song. Reppin’ boston way better than that joke Sam Adams.

Fantasy Girl – I like the whole vibe of this song, “Fantasy Girl.” Hmm. 7.5/10. Could’ve done better.

Sunglasses – Love this song. SUCH A CHILL BEAT. I mean, some people don’t like this type of flow. But the lyrics are so deep. Give this a listen, and try to tell me you hate this song. Do it. I dare you.

Maybe I Lied – Nothin’ special. Decent lyrics. I’ll give it a few more plays.

Dark Knight – Good lyrics. Flow = OK. Definitely could’ve done better which such a sick title.

Hate Myself – Deep shit, bro.

Whispers of a Cloud – Piano flow. 8/10.

Download whole mixtape here

Boston Lights

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