Album Sparknotes: Watch the Throne

Since we’re all about innovation here at the DoppleGang we’re proud to present a category of posts you don’t often see on music blogs; album reviews. And not just reviews for all you college students out there; album sparknotes. Don’t want to waste your time listening to the whole album and developing your own opinions? Who would? I already did and have it all laid out for you song by song.


No Church in the Wild: Not gonna lie I was kinda confused by this song. Still not exactly sure what the main idea is behind it but it sounds awesome. Really grandois, over the top producing. So typical Kanye.

Lift Off: Sucked. Yeah it had Beyonce on it and an upbeat rythym but lyrics were soft.

N*ggas in Paris: Kanye goes in on this track, but Hov doesn’t deliver enough swag. Sounds like Big Sean should be on this track instead of Jay.

Otis: Lovin the sample, and the lyrics backed it up nicely. This’ll be on the radio forever guaranteed.

Gotta Have It: My one major complaint about the CD as a whole is that the majority of the songs have very superficial subject matter. We get it Jay-Z and Kanye. You’re good at rapping. I dont need to hear it track after track after track, it gets annoying and actually makes me doubt if its true. But “Gotta Have It” is a dooooope pump-up song. The duo swags hard on this, and the Neptunes producing are straight fire.

New Day: The album finally slows down here and takes on a personal tone. One of my favorite tracks for sure. Kanye has a unique verse criticizing himself, reminiscent of “Runaway.” And for the first time on the album Jigga actually has a deep emotional verse. It speaks to ya.

That’s My Bitch: eh whatever

Welcome to the Jungle: Gotta be honest; I LOVE Swizz Beatz. “It’s Me, Bitches” is playing as I type this. This beat is straight fire, but halfway through Jay-Z’s verse I actually got bored and zoned out. WHAT THE FUCK HOV??? HOW ARE YOU GONNA WASTE A SWIZZ BEAT LIKE THAT?? Dropped the fuckin ball on that one.

Who Gon Stop Me?: Ok I guess. Nothin impressive here.

Murder to Excellence: Again, lovin Swizz on the track. Not his normal style but it meshed great with the verses. Intently listened all the way through; definitely won’t be getting plays on the radio but was very interesting.

Made in America: Frank Ocean’s got a pretty voice. A definite radio hit.

Why I Love You: I have a question: Who doesnt love Mr. Hudson? This is a chill  song to cue up at your next party.

Bonus Songs; Theres a reason these are bonus songs, they all arent even close to the same  level as the album cut tracks

Illest Motherfucker Alive: yeah right

HAM: Hard As a Marshmallow

Primetime: Except this one. Serious swag on this track.

The Joy: brought me sadness

There ya go, Watch the Throne in a nutshell. Overall I give it a 7/10 for  great producing,  and some serious swag despite repetitive topics and at times soft lyrics.

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